Find Your Beach 

You are a badass at business, but learning to rest? Not so much. 

Girl, I see you. There is honor in the hustle. But shouldn’t all that hustle bring you freedom to live life on your own terms? Letting go of even the smallest part of your business is HARD. That’s why I have crafted packages that help you let go in a way that feels good for you and your brand.

From dipping your toes in the water to the deep dive, I’ve got a social marketing strategy designed to bring freedom to your business. 



Remember when you first launched your business? You had this incredible idea and building it, well that was pure joy. 

Then came the selling. And the marketing. And the constant need to find new clients. And that...isn’t as soul filling as creating is it?

You’re a world shaker. You get sh*t done (and look good doing it!)
But you need more balance in your life. You need the beach. A place to slow and connect with yourself. To let creativity flow and be inspired. 

Inspiration and creativity should feel like a lifestyle, not a luxury. 

"Chanel has been instrumental in helping me establish my brand and it’s direction. Business owners and entrepreneurs know that branding is essential and so Chanel is a must-have."


got a brand that works for him:


Chanel's professionalism is impeccable and she has captured my thoughts and brings great depth and clarity to my content.


built an enterprise:


real results

Ways to Work Together

Just like a day spent by your favorite pool, it may get a little crowded, but it’s always a good time. This is a 3-hour mini-group consult, offered monthly and limited to 10 participants. I like to keep this party small to keep that conversation flowing and the content meaningful. We will dive into what you need to know to craft your own strategy to get your social media presence growing. This training is heavy on data, but I allow for plenty of Q&A to make sure you have the tools you need to be successful. 


Just like a planned dinner on the beach, this package is semi-custom and jam-packed with all the good stuff. We start with a 30-day made-for-you strategy and hashtag curation. Included is a step-by-step guide for using your strategy to build organic growth. You’ll take care of the implementation and we’ll meet back up at the end of your strategy period for a status check-in to see how you did!

beach picnic

Boo, you know how to beach, and I have the cabana waiting for you! 15 graphics and accompanying captions, including posting and management, direct messaging engagement, targeted growth and hashtag curation. We’ll check in monthly to let you know how it’s going - you know growth takes time and you’re ready to put your feet up while I do the work. Monthly contract required.

coco cabana

You were meant for the lux life, and I’m gonna sail this yacht for ya! While you relax, I will be managing your DM’s, creating 30 custom graphics + accompanying captions, managing posting and engagement, curating and analyzing content, planning your hashtags, and developing a signature targeting growth strategy. Included as your bonus is my $150 value, Like Boosting, guaranteeing massive account growth each month. Monthly contract required.

Set Sail

“Looking for a life path with no regrets? Take the  one that leads to the beach!” 


Social Media

Take a peek at the packages

I’m your very own travel guide to marketing your business on social media. From a plan-your-own-trip to an all-inclusive approach, I have a strategy for you designed to get you seen. Better pack your bikini, ‘cause with my help, all eyes are going to be on you Babe! 


Your business is growing and you are ready to outsource social and spend time doing what you love.

Influencer Marketing

YEP. I want to be seen

Boo, you are a whole brand and you know it! It's time to build your brand's visibility and reap the rewards that come with being noticed. I'll help you get seen by companies that align with your mission and your goals. You'll be beaching it up in no time! 


You're looking to grow your visibility & credibility to secure the brand deals of your dreams.

Luxe Beach Living

Tell me More

The beach and I have been in a committed relationship longer than anyone I’ve ever been with (sorry Bae, you know it’s true!) So I launched  this brand to show my love. Born to Beach ™ is Inspired Living + taking Bold Action towards a life filled with gratitude. It's a little bit of everything, from deep conversations, to beautiful beaches, and healthy living. 

This is a space to be insipred: 

Craving a life filled with memorable moments? To slow your soul and pursue gratitude. You found the right place. 


monthly average spent on sunscreen.


Number of sunburns in my adult life.


Moments spent in gratitude at the beach this year.


Perfect Beach Playlists
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