It's a Mindset, but it's Also a Way of Life

This is where all things Chanel Lauren come together. It's a podcast about living a life of inspired intention. It's conversations with entrepreneurs who are building killer businesses, so they can do more with their lives. Its about bringing a little luxury to your everyday living through natural products  and finding a wholistic rhythm. This is a podcast for anyone who is Born to Beach. 


Coming Sept 2021

Stories told by those living them, we dig deep into the lives of those who inspire greatness. From tech start ups, to designers, artists and more, we meet with entrepreneurs who are building robust businesses that let them do more with their time. 

Harmonious Living

Holistic Rhythms  

Being Born to Beach isn't just about living the lux life, it's about finding the natural rhythms to your day, so that you can live authentically in whatever your environment. We'll discuss healthy eating, exercise routines, self care and our favorite indulgences. 

what you'll CATCH the BLOG: 

Werk Life Vs. Work Life

I am an island girl, and this will be your introduction into how we werk after we are done working. We work hard so we can play hard. Some may think the party never stops, but that is just because we islanders have mastered the art of letting our businesses work for us, so we can get to livin'!

Wanna share
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Are you living an inspired life?

It's that magical space where passion meets purpose. If you have tapped into to that, we want to hear all about it. 

Are you in the pursuit of happiness?

Share you journey toward living a life of intention with our listeners. We want to know what steps you took toward living a life that you love. 

Have you taken your big idea and build a thriving business? 

Calling all Entrepreneurs, we want to hear how you turned your big dreams into reality. Give us your best advice...we're listening!

Yup, it's a blog & podcast all-in-one! Episodes are recording now! Tell me your story and we"ll chat about a feature on the show! 

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Whether it is through intentional living or building a brand presence that get's you seen by your ideal client, I am your Beachy BFF! I'm two parts cheerleader, one part tough love, and 100% salty fun! Together we will launch those dreams and help you find the life you know you deserve. 

My superpower is inspiring entrepreneurs to live a bold, colorful and joy filled existence centered around pursuing the kind of life they actually want...Everybody has their own beach, a place they were BORN to live. I help you find it.