Yeah, I'm talking to you! 

You have something special and it's time for your business to be SEEN. I'm here to bring you relief from the stress of managing your social, with killer strategy, curated imagery, and a genuine love for connecting people with brands and products they want to work with. 

world shakers, and way makers...

You wanna see those numbers move! I got you boo! We both know you're more than a number, but data doesn't lie...when you increase your likability and boost those vanity metrics, you have the digits you need to impress any brand sponsorship on your dream list. 

Move those Metrics

Boost Your Online Presence

Like it or not, having a presence online is necessary to running a business. 90% of online shoppers turn to social media outlets for research and you want your brand showing up in their search! Let's increase your followers so that you can get your content seen by your ideal clients!

I got whatcha Want!

Strategic Social Marketing           

This isn't your mother's marketing's designed to teach you when and what to post as well as how to understand all those analytics so that your social marketing will actual work for you, and you can use that free time to be,! 

There is only one you, but it doesn't mean you have to do your business alone. The beach is always better with friends, and the same goes for working on your social media marketing. Let's do this together!  

Teach Me Plz


Just like a day spent by your favorite pool, it may get a little crowded, but it’s always a good time. This is a 3 hour mini-group consult, offered monthly and limited to 10 participants. We will dive into what you need to know to craft your own strategy to get your social media presence growing. 

CHEERS to that!

Beach Picnic

Just like a planned dinner on the beach, this package is semi-custom and filled with all the good stuff. We start with a 30-day made-for-you strategy and hashtag curation. You’ll take care of the implementation and we’ll meet back up at the end of your strategy period for a status check in to see how you did!

Let's Beach!

Coco Cabana

Boo, you know how to beach, and I have the cabana waiting for you! 15 graphics and accompanying captions, including posting and management, direct messaging engagement, targeted growth and hashtag curation. We’ll check in monthly to let you know how it’s going - you know growth takes time and you’re ready to put your feet up while I do the work. Monthly contract required.


bon voyage!

Set Sail

You were meant for the lux life, and I’m gonna sail this yacht for ya! While you relax, I will be managing your DM’s, creating 30 custom graphics + accompanying captions, managing posting and engagement, curating and analyzing content, planning your hashtags, and developing a signature targeting growth strategy. Included as your bonus is my $150 value, Like Boosting, guaranteeing massive account growth each month. Monthly contract required.

"We have a talented team of in-house graphics designers and Chanel quickly made a mark for herself as the lead."

Chanel Lauren is an incredible graphic artist. She is professional and her design aesthetic is modern and forward thinking. We as well as our clients have been fortunate to secure her. Thank you Chanel!


expanded her team

Yes, It Really Works

"If you suffer from social (media) anxiety, Chanel is a godsend."

Chanel showed up on social so I didn't have to - she knew just what to say and when to say it, so that my products would be seen by the clients who needed them. It literally took away all the stress I felt for showing up online. 


LAUnched new products

"I gained over 1000 followers in less than 90 days...and yes, they're all organic & engaged!"

Trusting Chanel with all my social media needs has been my best business investment! Between content creation and blowing up my following, she has done it all! If you're waiting to dive in, I'll be the first to tell you that the water is MORE THAN FINE! 


secured her first brand deal


I am here to to make your life easier and bring a thriving rhythm to your business. If you don't see what you need, just reach out - custom packages are always available. 

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