She looked at me and said, “We were born for this.” 

My sister and I had just spent some well-earned time together beaching it up…a rare afternoon laying prostrate in gratitude as the sun bathed us in warming rays, washing the stress of the week off our exhausted bodies, letting the sand support the weight of our worries for one blissful afternoon. 

She was right. This was what I was born to do. Live at the beach. I am an islander, raised with a deep appreciation for the beauty this earth has to offer, but I had wandered far from my familial roots. The corporate executive life I was living was literally killing me and I knew then and there I was meant for more.  

I was Born to Beach.

My social media marketing side hustle was already rolling and my experience in graphic design was bringing in more opportunities. So, I took a deep dive into the sea of entrepreneurship and swam until my old corporate life was just a dot on the horizon. 

My superpower is inspiring female entrepreneurs to live a bold, colorful and joy filled existence centered around pursuing the kind of life they actually want...Everybody has their own beach, a place they were BORN to live. I help you find it. 

Born to beach is both a metaphor and a way of life. It is chasing beauty while having the wisdom to slow down and enjoy it with gratitude. It is knowing that selfcare is a necessity and not a luxury. It is relentlessly pursuing a life that sets your soul on fire while at the same time encourages you to rest. 

If you’re looking for a beach buddy, then I’m your fact, I’m probably already there. I’ll be the one in the Gucci sunglasses with a smile on my face and a sunny outlook on life. 


Sushi is a food group and a balanced life starts with appreciating beauty around you. natural IS better, a tanned life is THE good life, and YOU have the ability to change your future.


Negativity, mediocrity, staying in one place, or mean-girl attitudes.


Slathering on sunscreen while running my business with my toes in the sand. If I’m not brushing sand off my booty, I’m probably listening to a podcast or going on a run with my pup, Ivy.

daily rituals

Morning meditations, yoga, an elaborately effective daily skincare routine, couch cuddles and beach sunsets.

Born to Beach ™ isn't just a mindset; it is my lifestyle. I build businesses that allow me to live a life that I love, while teaching other badass entrepreneurs how to do the same. 

Hey, I'm Chanel! 

Meet your Travel Guide

Social Media Marketing
Print & Commercial Modeling 
Influencer Brand Development
Content & Graphic Creator
Podcast Host

WHat I do:

Join The Team

My team ebbs and flows as each person gains the skills needed to run their own biz and find their beach. Interested in being on my team? Hit me up. 

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newest episode of shark tank

passionfruit iced tea

building a story brand

endless salmon sashimi



reggaetón, all day

My Favorite Things

Can a dog be Born to Beach? My Ivy sure thinks so! 

my happy place!

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The Beach! It's my zone of serenity where all of my best ideas happen.

When it come to most things, Natural is always Better. When it comes to selfcare, it's a must!

My Favorite Things

Doubles(Yes, that's really their name)! This island specialty from my Trinidadian roots is comfort food to the max. These calories are welcome anytime!

catch flights,

not feelings.

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Celebrating Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago. Nonstop dancing, music, & partying. If you're in it only for the costumes, I don't blame you.

A Damn Good Vacation! 6 Month Vacations, twice a year...check! Plus, I love getting there in style. I'm on those long-hauls for a good time & a long time, babe! 

This      That


oceanic villa

ice cream

making Zzzz's






cozy cabin


sunrise, baby!



san tropez

Where I stand on the super important stuff... Agree / disagree? 

“Chanel's strategy changed how I do business, and I never looked back."


so they say:

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Five ways to level up your social today!

Better than Free Ice Cream!

let's beach together

It's a lifestyle. And a mindset.
It's inspired living that gives you permission to play just as hard as you work. And I've turned in into an artform! 

Born to Beach

 I'll teach you how to do the same.